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A New Women’s Rights Magazine in Kabul

 Our students work hard every day to succeed at school and make their communities a better place. So we were excited – but not surprised – to see 12th grade Kabul students publish a magazine about women’s rights, all on their own.

“We published this magazine because women are victims of violence and we want to raise awareness,” said the students when asked why they decided to write a magazine. Inspired by International Women’s Day, they hope other people in Afghanistan will read it and be aware of their rights. Civic education is an important part of AAE’s curriculum. We believe that once women are aware of their rights, they can break through barriers to create social and political change.

Student publishers pose with the new magazine

Student publishers pose with the new magazine

Access to the Internet is limited in many parts of Afghanistan, but students still have a hunger for new information. “Everything we are today is different from the readings we do,” said the students who worked on the magazine. “It feels great reading new things. We learn new things and get new ideas by reading different books, so we want others to get information from our magazine too.”

These students believe anyone, of any age, can make a change. “We want to show people that girls who are just in high school can publish magazines and write about women’s rights.”

Every day, our students become empowered through learning. Whether they are publishing magazines, learning about their rights, or simply standing up for what they believe, they’re on the way to making the world a better place.

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