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Many of our alumni can attest to the success of our mission. Siddiqa, Nadia, Mastura, and Shabnam have gone on to live very different lives, but their beginnings are the same: AAE schools.


Siddiqa graduated from AAE’s school in the Khash district of Badakhshan. As a child, Siddiqa was eagerly interested in learning. Given her zeal for education she managed to successfully finish school up to the tenth grade. But like many other girls in Afghanistan, an early arranged marriage prevented Siddiqa from further pursuing her education.

For Siddiqa, married life was mired in poverty, shattering her dreams of pursuing an education. Because she had never finished high school, Siddiqa’s many attempts to find a job for alleviating her family from extreme poverty failed. With her husband’s consent, Siddiqa joined the AAE school in Daynow village.

After graduation, Siddiqa was hired by an NGO with a salary of 17,000 Afghanis ($340) a month, an excellent salary for an Afghan woman. Not only has she been able to help her family escape extreme poverty, she plans to run in the next parliamentary elections to represent her community at the national level.