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 Civic Education

AAE provides civic education for marginalized Afghan women. Despite the fact that women are directly affected by years of conflict, their voices are rarely heard. We believe that their silence is the consequence of a lack of understanding of their rights and the skills to exercise it. Women make up more than half of the population of Afghanistan. However, only a few actively participate in the social, economic and political arenas.

Aid Afghanistan for Education is dedicated to empower women through capacity and skill building workshops. Our goal is to build capacities, raise knowledge and spread the message of democracy amongst most vulnerable women in various provinces of Afghanistan. Through capacity building workshops we aim to raise the awareness of women about their basic rights and responsibilities.  Furthermore, skill building workshops provide women with the practical skills to assert their rights and be active member of their communities. 

In 2021, AAE was forced to pause all of its programs, including its civic education efforts, due to the fall of the democratic government. AAE is now exploring ways to safely educate women and girls across Afghanistan.