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Hasina Shirjan, a consummated professional with over twenty years of thorough knowledge and experience in education, business, communication and journalism, is the Founder of Aid Afghanistan for Education.
Coauthor of “Toughing It Out in Afghanistan”, published Feb 2011. Published various op-eds in NY Times, Washington Post, Guardian, USA Today and more.
Global Ambassador for The International Alliance for Women (TIAW). Received The International Alliance for Women World of Difference Award 2012. Ambassador for Women Entrepreneurship Day representing Afghanistan. Global Ambassador for NGO World Day.
Chair of the Boar of ACKU (Afghanistan Center at Kabul University).
Received Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard Kennedy School and an Honorary Doctorate of Law degree from Queen’s University, Canada.

Wazhma Frogh, Founder & Director at the Research Institute for Women Peace & Security- Afghanistan, is a women’s rights activist who has dedicated herself to advancing the inclusion of women in Afghan society for more than 17 years. Ms. Frogh and her co-founder conceptualized RIWPS following their participation in Afghanistan’s Peace Loya Jirga in 2010. Recognizing that the voices and perspectives of women were largely missing from these conversations, they founded RIWPS to promote women’s inclusion in peacebuilding. Since then, Ms. Frogh has worked with women leaders from all over the country to ensure that women are utilized as resources for building peace at the local level and that they are meaningfully including in the country’s peace process.

Nazir Kabiri, is Advisor to the Finance Minister of Afghanistan. He assumed office in December 2011. Mr. Kabiri advises the Minister in Development and Financial Policies. In this role his principal responsibilities include building and maintaining constructive relationship with the Cabinet, Parliament, donor community, partner ministers and the private sector, to ensure that the Ministry sets and achieves appropriate objectives for increased budget execution, and revenue collection.

Mr. Kabiri has been working in Afghanistan with the NGOs and Government institutions since 2002. Prior to the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Kabiri worked with the aid and development section of the British Embassy (DFID) in Kabul. Mr. Kabiri holds a degree in Management from South Korea, a BA in Economics from Kabul University and Master’s Degree in Development Economics from the US. He is requently contacted by the media for information and comments on issues related to the Afghan economy. Mr. Kabiri speaks English, Arabic, Urdu/ Hindi, Farsi and Pashtu.

Khwaga Kakar, one of the founding members of IWA,  Advisor to Ministry of Finance focusing on the effectiveness of aid projects and Aid coordination advisor at Adam Smith International. She has studied bio-chemistry and received her master’s degree in public policy.



Jolyon Leslie

Jolyon Leslie, born in South Africa, is an architect who has worked on urban development programs, and the preservation of the architectural heritage in Afghanistan, since the 1980’s.



Mahbooba Seraj

Mahbooba Seraj was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She graduated from Malalai High School for Girls and Kabul University, and is now working on her master’s degree online.  After 26 years in exile, she returned to her beloved Afghanistan at the end of 2003, and has been working with the women and children of Afghanistan ever since.  She is named the Voice of Voiceless Women of Afghanistan.  She has been a tireless advocate for women’s human right, right to education, health and access to justice.


Dr. Mohammad Davood

Dr. Mohammed Davood Moradian, a Herat native, has served as an adviser to former President Hamid Karzai as a senior policy advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is currently working as head of the strategic studies centre under the Foreign Ministry in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has completed his undergraduate studies at the University of London, in the fields of International Relations and International Law. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he also taught International Relations. His thesis focused on a comparative study of the conception of punishment in the traditions of ancient Greece, Islam and international criminal justice.

Sayed Jawad

Sayed Jawad was born and educated in Helmand. He graduated from Kabul University’s school of engineering before continuing his professional studies in Italy. He was involved in UNESCO-managed restoration works in Herat during the 1970s before going into exile in Pakistan, where he worked with a number of international NGOs assisting Afghan refugees. Since 1988, he has been actively involved in NGO coordination, and continues to serve on the Board of ACBAR and ANCB. In 1990 Sayed Jawed established HAFO, which has undertaken a range of humanitarian and rehabilitation works across the country. Since 2012, Sayed Jawed has been mainly involved in conservation of historic monuments.

Najib Sharifi

Najib Sharifi is an analyst, political researcher and a former journalist.  He has worked for some of the world’s leading news organizations, including the New York Times, BBC, CNN, and National Public Radio (NPR). He has also worked as a researcher for the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) and Human Rights Watch. Additionally, he has served as senior political officer for the Office of the Special Representative of the European Union for Afghanistan. Sharifi was trained as a medical doctor in Afghanistan and received a Fulbright scholarship to study public policy and leadership at the University of Maryland in the USA. In July 2014, Najib was awarded Peace Hero title by Peace Museum Vienna. He is a frequent commentator on issues of Afghanistan on Afghan and international media. His opinion pieces have appeared in global media outlets, including South Asia Global Affairs journal and Foreign Policy magazine.




Nancy Dupree: President of Dupree Foundation and Director of the Afghan Centre at Kabul University





The Honorable Professor David Hirschmann: Chairman, Director of International Development Program, School of International Service, American University




The Honorable Dean Louis W. Goodman: Professor and former Dean for the School of International Service, American University





The Honorable Professor Clovis Maksoud: Director for Center for Global South, American University.