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We Believe Education is the Path to Peace

2017  Graduates 

Mazar Graduates Commencement Ceremony

2016  Graduates 


Kabul Graduates Commencement Ceremony

On November 17, 2016, AAE celebrated its 13th commencement ceremony in Kabul. 111 students graduated this year from our Kabul schools and every single one of them is off to college. In addition, 43 students of AAE’s Parwan School received graduation diplomas. These students are registered to take the Kankor exam this year.

The ceremony took place at the Kabul University auditorium. Government officials, students’ family members, teachers, and AAE supporters came together to honor the class of 2016. After Hassina Sherjan, founder of AAE, welcomed everyone, guests listened to speeches from the Minister of Education, a representative from the office of the First Lady of Afghanistan, and a video message from First Lady Rula Ghani herself. Thanks to an agreement between AAE and the Ministry of Education, all graduates received an official, state-certified diploma.

A few words from some special graduates, Firooza and Frozan:

Firooza is 28 years old and has 5 children. She turned to AAE when no other school would accept her because of her age. “I can already feel the difference in the way I talk and discuss with others, compared to when I was illiterate. My life has changed a lot.” She is headed to midwifery school soon to help other women in Afghanistan.

Frozan is 26 years old and has 3 children. Other schools don’t accept married students, so she enrolled with AAE. “Initially, it was very difficult for me to come to school because I had no one to look after my kids. Sometimes I was sitting alone and crying, but those days passed. Thank God I am a graduate. Now, I feel very happy and confident, and can help my children.” She is following her dream of becoming a dentist and is going to dental school.

Frozan has a message for you: Thank you very much to all those who support AAE. I love you and am really grateful. AAE paved the way for me to change my life.”

You’ve made our graduates’ dreams come true. 100% of our graduates this year are planning to continue their studies and go to college, and it’s all thanks to supporters like you. Thank you for being partners for peace, and happy holidays from everyone at AAE. 

2015 Graduates

In 2015, a total of 244 students have successfully graduated from our schools in Bamiyan, Ghazni, Balkh, and Kabul provinces. Among those, 194 of graduates were from our 3 school in Kabul,  25  from Balkh School, 10 from our school in Bamiyan, and 15 others have graduated from AAE school in Ghazni Province. All our graduates have received their high school diplomas from the Ministry of Education. Most of them are pursuing higher education while some of them are working and few others are helping their children with their lessons. 

2014 Graduates

AAE celebrated the graduation of 153 students in 2014. The graduates were from different AAE schools. 104 students graduated from Kabul schools, 23 from Balkh, 8 from Bamiyan and 18 graduated from our school in Badakhshan Province. Many of these graduates registered themselves to take Kankor exam in order to make their ways to universities.  


2013 Graduates

In 2013, AAE celebrated the commencement ceremony of 125 graduates from 3 different AAE schools in Kabul. In this year a total of 265 AAE students graduated from 6 different provinces. While Kabul had the largest number of graduates, 10 students graduated from AAE school in Bamiyan province. There were 48 students who graduated from Ghazni school, 36 from Badakhshan, 33 from Parwan, and 13 graduates from Balkh province. 


2012 Graduates

In 2012, 304 high school students graduated from AAE schools in 6 provinces. Kabul had 178 graduates. We had 8 graduates in Bamiyan, 18 graduates from Ghazni, 57 graduates from Badakhshan, and 43 graduates from Parwan. 

Graduation Ceremony in Kabul  – Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) held a ceremony on June 6, 2012 in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to celebrate the graduation of 125 students from its three schools in Kabul. This event was attended by Dr. Husn Banu Ghazanfar, Afghan Minister of Women Affairs, Members of Parliament, dignitaries from civil society organizations and representatives of the international donor agencies.

 Graduation Ceremony in Parwan Province
On September 24, 2012, AAE celebrated its 4th round of graduations in Parwan Province. In addition to Founder Hassina Sherjan and Executive Director Ms. Payvand Seyedali, parents of graduates, representatives of the Ministry of Education and local elders of Parwan were residing in the event. In this round of graduations, 43 students of AAE’s Parwan school received graduation diplomas. 

Graduation Ceremony in Badakhshan
36 students graduated in the Khash district of Badakhshan on July 9, 2012. This was AAE’s first graduation in Daynow village. Hassina Sherjan traveled to Badakhshan to attend the event. The event was also attended by local officials including the District Governor of Khash. In his speech, Governor Hashim Noorzai praised AAE’s efforts in bringing education to his district. He also emphasized the need for further expansion of AAE activities in the area. 


2011 Graduates

In 2011, 238 female students graduated from AAE schools. AAE celebrated graduation of 154 students from three AAE schools in Kabul. We also had 38 graduates from our schools in Badakhshan. In the same year, 32 students graduated from our school in Parwan and 14 other students received their diplomas in Ghazni. 

2010 Graduates

AAE is proud of educating Afghan women. This year we had a total of 203 graduates: 38  from our school in Parwan province and 165  students  from 3 schools in Kabul. 

2009 Graduates


In 2009, 123 students graduated from AAE’s Kabul schools. Our Ghazni school also had 12 graduates in this year while 38 students graduated from AAE school in Parwan province. The total number of our graduates in 2009 was 167. 

2007 & 2008  Graduates

2008 Students  2008 Afternoon students

In 2007, AAE for the first celebrated the graduation ceremony of 42 female students from our 3 Kabul schools. In 2008, the number of our graduates almost doubled and we proudly celebrated with 79 graduates in Kabul. 


Our vocational training prepares the students to either work while they are pursuing higher education or have the option to enter the job market full time to support their families. These graduates are equipped with skills to work as office managers, assistant accountants, receptionists, or administrative assistants. 

AAE Vocational Training graduation ceremony at MoWA Feb 16, 2010 Shamsul Islam Jamali, AAE Deputy Country Director for Program, presenting Zahra with her certificate.