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Meet Sponsored Student

Your donation changes a student’s life. Here are real students’ brief stories. It only takes $1 per day, $30 per month, or $360 per year to keep a student in school. Choose a one-time or monthly recurring donation on our GlobalGiving Campaign. As a donor, you will receive regular, quarterly reports about the students and our schools and the eternal gratitude of the AAE family.

How to sponsor a student:
1. Select a student from the stories below to sponsor.
2. Make a $30 monthly recurring donation on GlobalGiving.
3.Email info@aa4e.org with the subject line “Student sponsorship” and give us the full name of the student you would like to sponsor. You will receive her photo as well as her phone number, in case you choose to be in direct contact with her.


Samira Mohammad Saleem, 16, is attending 6th grade. She lives with family of six members, she is from Kabul. Her father is the only breadwinner of the family, who earns roughly 135 dollars a month. She says, “My only wish in life is to complete and graduate from school and become a policewoman.” She hopes that someone will help her to complete her studies.
(Photo of Samira will be available upon request to the Sponsor)


Maryam, 19 year old, is attending 7th grade. She lives with her family of nine members, her father is the only breadwinner, but he has no income. Because of her age she was not eligible for enrollment in other schools. She aspires to study and complete her education and support her family. Maryam says: “I hope to finish my education and find a job and help my family.”
(Photo of Maryam will be available upon request to the Sponsor)

Shakiba Akbari

Shakiba Akbari, 23, is attending 7th grade. She moved from Kapisa province to Kabul in hope to getting an education, but because of her age she was turned down by other schools. She lives with her family of 12 members and her father with his 120 monthly income supports the family. She is adamantly working hard to be educated. She says, “I request you, anyone who can, to support me finish my school, because my father cannot provide my school expenses.”
(Photo of Shakiba will be available upon request to the Sponsor)