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Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training program focused on creating an interactive, nurturing and learning class environment, where students discover their potential and enjoy learning. The aim of this program is to improve teaching system from a system of memorization, ‘learning’ by rote, which tends to discourage any meaningful discussion in the classroom, to an interactive class setting. This program is designed to assist the teachers to help the students to foster their own analytical thinking ability. AAE held annual training workshops for 350 teachers in Afghanistan. Our primary focus is to develop teachers’ skills on various teaching methods, educational philosophies as well as familiarizing teachers with psychological principles behind children and adult’s learning.

Our teacher training workshops provide teachers with introductory theories, principles and strategies of modern teaching methods. Through these workshops teachers learn methods of having disciplined classrooms, creating effective lesson plans and developing tests on regular basis. Additionally, teachers gain knowledge and skill of better performing in classrooms, through learning teaching techniques, such as brainstorming, role plays, field trips and case studies. The overall goal of this program is to provide an inspirational and better organized atmosphere for learning in schools as well as improve communications between teachers, students, parents and administrators.

In 2021, AAE was forced to pause its programs, including the teacher training program. Currently, AAE is exploring safe ways to educate students and teachers in Afghanistan.