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To educate a woman is to educate an entire family

Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) offers education for Afghans from all walks of life who were denied access to the formal system due to conflict, their age or marital status. Having observed, during surveys in 2002, young women of 16 to 18 years old attending 4th and 5th grade classes, we developed an accelerated programm of education aimed at excluded groups, especially girls or boys over 10 years old. Since 2003, AAE has established and run 13 schools in 9 provinces of the country; we currently have 2,509 female students attending classes in our schools that are endorsed by the Ministry of Education, which issues official diplomas on graduation.


Our mission is to unlock the potential of young marginalized Afghan women through education as a means to prepare them to fully participate in the society.


AAE started its work in 1995 with a program to educate Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Having failed in 1999 to obtain permission from the Taliban administration to offer education to girls, AAE established five clandestine classrooms for 250 students in Kabul. In 2003, AAE moved its operation to Afghanistan and officially registered as an NGO. Since then, we have provided education opportunities for those who were unable to access formal education during the years of war, as well as those now denied access to education due to their age or early marriage and returnees without education documents.


Our Programs

An assessment of girls schools that AAE undertook in 2002 in Kabul revealed a significant number of 18-year old girls enrolled in third and fourth grades. Having completed second or third grades before the outbreak of factional conflict in the city in 1992, they were unable to continue their education due to the Taliban’s ban on female education. Most of those we interviewed at the time  were eager to complete their education and had aspirations to become doctors, lawyers, teacher, engineers.

In recognition that many of our graduates need to work to provide for their families, we aim to provide them with the requisite skills through vocational training in office management, accounting, English, leadership and computer skills. All of the first cohort of 169 students attending vocational training have been able to find employment in businesses, NGOs and banks. Our accountant, who has now worked with AAE for seven years, is one of the graduates of the vocational training program.

Our Teacher Training Program is focused on creating an interactive, nurturing and learning class environment, where students discover their potential and enjoy learning. The aim of this program is to improvement the teaching system from a system of memorization, ‘Learning’ by rote, which tends to discourage any meaningful discussion in the classroom, to a interactive class setting. This program is designed to assist the teachers to help the students to foster their own ability to think analytically. AAE holds annual training workshops for 350 teachers in Afghanistan and we would like to expand this to share the experience and to improve teaching system to as many provinces as possible. . Our primary focus is to develop teachers’ skills on various teaching methods, educational philosophies as well as familiarizing teachers with psychological principles behind children and adult’s learning.

Our teacher training workshops provide teachers with introductory theories, principles and strategies of modern teaching methods. Through these workshops teachers learn methods of having disciplined classrooms, creating effective lesson plans and developing tests on regular basis. Additionally, teachers gain knowledge and skill of better performing in classrooms, through learning teaching techniques, such as brainstorming, role plays, field trips and case studies. The overall goal of this program is to provide an inspirational and better organized atmosphere for learning in schools as well as improve communications between teachers, students, parents and administrators

This in mind, AAE provides civic education for marginalized Afghan women. Despite the fact that women are directly affected by the violent conflict that afflicts Afghanistan, their voices are rarely heard. We believe that their silence is, in addition to historical discrimination and a fear of becoming victims themselves, a consequence of a lack of understanding about their rights and the skills to exercise these in their daily lives so as to bring about social and political change. Women make up more than half of the population of Afghanistan. However, only a tiny proportion of them actively participate in the social, economical and political arenas. Lack of knowledge and support groups contribute to this situation and put them at risk of becoming victims of the conflict.


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Aid Afghanistan for Education


Fostering peace in Afghanistan by educating

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women and young boys.


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