Creating Peace with Education in Afghanistan

Since 2003, Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) has established 13 schools in 9 provinces to educate marginalized Afghans who were deprived of an education during the years of conflict in the region, or do not have access to a formal education system. Currently, more than 3000 female and 104 male students are attending AAE schools.

We believe education to be the only vehicle to a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan and every Afghan has the right to be educated.

Empowered and educated women are powerful changemakers in their communities. The longer a girl is in school, the longer she will wait to marry and have children. Women carry their education back to their communities to improve their family’s lives through better income, and they contribute to the well-being of overall community.

In Afghanistan, educating boys alongside girls moves the entire country forward, minimizes family jealousies, and blockades terrorist recruitment of children who are not in school. It all starts with the women– but boys cannot be left out.