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Online Classes for Girls

Our online classes for girls, who are banned from receiving an education above sixth grade, started on August 27, 2023.  We provide the students with computer classes.  These classes were organized based on the students' demand and desire to learn a skill that would allow them to work online.   Some of our students have expressed their ambition to take the SAT or TOEFL and pursue an online degree from international universities. Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced professionals from different countries. We strive to deliver high-quality education to our students.





Hello teacher I hope you are fine 

I learned alot of things from this online course such as :

_ word,excel, PowerPoint programs and usage of those in live .

_Google Docs, Google sheets, Google slides ...

_ how to make slide and present them and which points we consider when we presenting it .

_ How to protect our computer and data .

_Recognition of Windows and MAC computers. 

_ Recognition of operating systems.

_ The correct method of typing .

_ what is cloud storage and how we save our data and information in Internet. 

_ How to protect ourselves from the dangers of Internet.

And also the videos that you recorded are very useful because In daily sometimes we have some internet problems and we didn't hear your sound correctly that videos solve our problems and we can hear that frequently. I did not think that the online course would be so useful

Because it is the first time that I participated in the online course. Thank you so much teacher for your hard working and I am happy that you teach us. Fariah


First of all, we would like to thank you for all the efforts you have taken for us. to have

I learned a lot about computers.

  First: I learned how to type on the computer correctly, which is one of the basic parts of the computer.

How to use Word, Excel, Power Point, sort email and make it smooth as well, take a screen from the computer screen, sort a slide from PowerPoint, sort a table and schedule through the Excel program.

And finally, I want to say that I am very satisfied and happy with your course and the lessons you are taking.

thank you



Hello dear teacher, thank you for helping us in this difficult situation. Of course, you know that a very difficult change came in Afghanistan and all the girls stopped studying, including myself, who was a first-year medical student in one of the universities. who closed the universities on us. I needed to learn English computer very much, it was impossible for us to go ahead and thank you dear professor for creating the computer class for us so that we can access the computer, we learned many things such as: getting to know the internal components and external computer, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, how to type correctly, write email and send it...

We are very grateful to the respected professor and the relevant authorities for this useful program, who were able to transfer useful things of the computer program to us, and the only major problem we had was the lack of teaching materials (computers) and it still is. And we ask you to launch other useful programs for us. Nilab


I am Hasna Heydari. I was in the twelfth grade when the Taliban came to Afghanistan and I could no longer continue my studies. Before starting this course, I had a lot of problems with the computer, but when I studied in this course, many of my problems were solved and I learned a lot. I am very happy and satisfied with this course and you, and I am very interested in working with computers to improve my talent, but unfortunately, our economy is weak and I cannot afford it.

Among the topics I learned in this course are Excel, PowerPoint, arranging slides, opening WhatsApp on the computer, Google Drive, etc.


Hello dear teacher, thank you for the computer class for us girls, Yajad Codein Jahan. Thank you. I don't understand anything about computers. I learned a lot of things during the ten years you taught me. May God help you in the next class. We all have problems with the Internet. God bless you. Thank you again

We learned to define a computer, we learned to type, which I didn't know about hardware, software, e-mail, writing, and through the use of Excel, we learned how to use Google to find a letter through Google. Google Drive - through Slide, Coding PowerPoint - through using Word



Hello to my dear teacher!

At the first I want to tell u a specialy thank bzc of learning lots of things about the computer , they make my life easier solve lots of my problems.

*We learned about internet 

*how can we provide our com from verus?

*we know what is phishing?

*how can we type currently and quickly?

*making google meet 

*how to take a screenshot?

*making Email 

*what is google drive?

*what is software update?

And ETC ...

U help us very well 

Thank u sir!🙏🏾😊 Husna

By investing in education, we can create a better future for ourselves and others

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