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Online Classes for Girls

Our online classes for girls, who are banned from receiving an education above sixth grade, started on August 27, 2023.  We provide the students with English classes.  These classes were organized based on the students' demand and desire to learn a skill that would allow them to work online.  Some of our students have expressed their ambition to take the SAT or TOEFL and pursue an online degree from international universities. Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced professionals from different countries. We strive to deliver high-quality education to our students.





Hello I am Sadia HaiDari I am 20 Years old, I graduated From Qranchi baba high school, I was interested in medicine Field and it was my biggest aim to Pass in medicine Field and i was working hard I had a regular schedule of my lessons and it was to achieve very close my goal But unfortunately with coming Taliban’s and Not letting to continue the education  of girls and most of the talented girls that were working hard and learned were upset and it is a Painful issue I was continuing my Kankor lesson  exam also I wanted to start an English online class I before i started it i knew little But when i start  it now i can write email . can read write letter speaking and can solve problem. Many thanks from our English teacher who helping us. Our teacher is talented fantastic teacher and at the last i want to Appreciate and special thanks from my respectful teacher khatera jan who listened to our questions and has helped us during this Period!!


Name is Fariha HaidariI was student at the university before Starting this class. But when the Taliban’s Came, they didn't let the girds to Continue their educations anymore we spend our whole time at the home but fortunately this class was started and we could to reinforce our English Language now I am So glad from your hard working, you’re teaching. I really appreciate.

you and this online class has helped me more and I learned lots of issues and I am really happy for learning new language and help us very well. we will not force with any problem in the foreign countries and before i starting this class i was very weak in English but now I see a lot of difference in myself.

we know English and computer we can get good job even we can work online to other countries it was my first time to Start online class But I was not thinking that it is a wonderful class.


My name is Madina Jalal after close of schools in Afghanistan education was not favorable for us. and not open any doors of education for girls in our environment at This time I started the online English course This course is very helpful for us at education Field. and I have already Found a lot of things such as reading writing speaking listing and translate text. and I can solve many Problems and want to continue This course That I can work at office in the Future I can Progress in outside the country. many Thanks From my dear English teacher because of her Kindness and hard working.


Hello, my name is Safa. I am 19 years old and I am a university student. Before the English curriculum, I was completely aimless and without a plan. I was at home because my university was closed, but when I received this English class and started studying, I was very It helped me, it saved me from depression and I started studying and learning and now I can speak English little by little and I can read English books and I also know the meaning of English sentences. We try very hard. And thanks to those who are at the top and have created these classes.  thank you🙏🏻


my name is Basima Fazli and my father’s name is Amanullah I am in grade 11th in school when the situation of Afghanistan changed all the doors of education also closed for girls.

learn English online course is very useful for me since I joined this Project, I learn to write email. letter. grammar. reading writing speaking and translating text.

it has helped me to solve my problem.  Teacher Khatera 's work is very great for us in the field of learning and a special thanks to those who created this Project

and many thanks from my kind and respectable teacher.


Hello. My name is Sana Anwary. One of the students of English class. I am 17 years old. I am in grade 12th. I was supposed to graduate from high school this year, but because of the situation in Afghanistan and the order of Taliban, i couldn't continue school from grade 10th. 

I was so hopeless and depressed. Until i was introduced to this online school. Everything about this course gave me hope. It motivated me to wake up every day and not give up on my dreams. I want to say thank you to the principal of this school. I dearly appreciate their kindness. A special thank you to my honorable teacher Khatera, who taught me a lot of things in these few months. She is a hard-working and wise teacher. Someone i respect and admire a lot."


Sincerely, Sana Anwary.

By investing in education, we can create a better future for ourselves and others

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