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Our experience is that there are thousands if not millions of dormant potentials in Afghanistan and we need to find them.

We believe every child should have access to learning.  By enrolling street-working children into private schools, we break the cycle of poverty and empower these students through education, enabling them to achieve their full potential.


Our aim is clear:

We empower our students to break the cycle of poverty through access to learning so they can achieve their full potential.

We provide online English and computer classes for girls who are banned from secondary and tertiary education. These classes prepare them to acquire online degrees and secure employment opportunities.

Our approach is practical.

We provide the students with transportation, uniforms, stationery, books, lunch, and tutoring with their homework after lunch, and provide students’ families with food items monthly.
We closed our office in Kabul and established a new organization, based in the U.S., and operating as a 501c3 non-profit, dedicated to improving the lives of girls and boys who have been forced to scavenge or sell plastic bags, pens, or chewing gum to earn $0.30 or $0.50 per day to contribute to their families’ daily food.

In august of 2022, the country fell under the Taliban’s control. We had to shut down our program and once again girls are banned from school after sixth grade. Also, female students are banned from attending university.​

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Education and awareness are essential ingredients for a peaceful society

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Aid Afghanistan For Education is a 501c3 US registered organization.

All intellectual property rights including awards, videos and photos were legally transferred to Aid Afghanistan For Education.


Violation or misuse of the contents by any other organization will be considered fraudulent.


Aid Afghanistan For Education office in Kabul is closed.

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